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About Word Counter

Word Counter is one of many free SEO Tools provided by TrafficsNinja which comes handy when counting the amount of words or characters in a text, paragraph, article or document. With Word Counter, you are one click away from finding out the total number of words and total number of characters in your texts. This tool is also very useful when writing your meta title, meta description and meta keywords so you don’t exceed the specified amount of characters, or when you need to find out the number of words in an article. For example, Search Engines limits the number of characters in a meta description to 160 characters. With our Word Counter tool you are assured to be within the limit. 

To use our free Word Counter tool, all you need is to copy and paste your text into the Word Counter box, and then click on the ‘Count Words’ button. The result is shown just below the Word Counter box. Please note that your text or content isn’t cached on our system.


Enjoy our free word and character counter tool! Why not bookmark this tool today?


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