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About PageRank Checker

Google PageRank Checker is one of many free SEO Tools provided by TrafficsNinja, which is useful for verifying the PageRank of websites. PageRank uses Google algorithm to score web pages based on the amount of links pointing to and away from a website, with more importance set on the quality and relevance of such links. Google PageRank scores your website page from 0 to 10, with 0 being the least, and 10 being the best and the highest attainable PageRank. In other words, Google PageRank tells you how well your website will rank in Search Engines, based on the quality of backlinks.

Please note that several webpages on the same website can have a different PageRank. So it is worth checking as many pages of a website as possible. For example, and all have different Page Ranks.

With our free Google PageRank Checker tool, you can check PageRank for up to 100 website pages at once. This is a unique feature! Once you copy and paste your website URL links in the PageRank Checker box, then click on the ‘Get PageRanks’ button. The result is shown right away within the PageRank Checker box. Please note that you might be required to verify that you are human.


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